I offer one-to-one counselling from my home in Horsham.  During the confidential appointment, we would explore any difficulties you may be having or distress you may be experiencing in a safe and supportive environment.  You would have the chance to better understand yourself and work towards positive change in your life.  The whole process is enhanced by the therapeutic relationship between us, which develops with each session.


What happens during a counselling session?

You would have the opportunity to explore aspects of your life and your feelings towards them by talking as freely and openly as you felt able.  You would neither be judged nor given advice, which is rarely the case when talking with family or friends, however well-meaning they may be.  Merely having the chance to express bottled-up feelings such as anger, anxiety and grief in a safe environment can help to dissolve them and reduce their overwhelming effect.


What sort of problems could we work on together?

Here are some examples:-Jun-Aug 2007 011 small

– Relationship difficulties

– Stress-related problems

– Anxiety

– Bereavement

– Life changes such as menopause or divorce


How long would I need counselling?

This would depend on the issues we would be working on.  I offer both short and long-term counselling and we could discuss this during our first session together.


If you think I could help you, contact me today on 07857 545 678 or tina@rainbowoasis.co.uk